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Main Business

With many years’ successful experience and great superiority in brand, technology, service and talent, CIECC provides two major areas of e-Government and e-Commerce services for domestic and foreign enterprises. These services mainly include public service, professional service, security service, credit service and disaster recovery service, shaping a three-level powerful framework to serve about one million member enterprises.

CIECC Public Service System

Being responsible for the informationalization construction and technical support for the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, CIECC constructs, operates and maintains a number of e-government systems within and outside the Ministry of Commerce, shaping a business public service system of a quite broad coverage in many fields.

*CIECC constructs three major national government websites: official website of the Ministry of Commerce(www.mofcom.gov.cn), China Anti-Commercial Fraud Website(www.12312.gov.cn), China Intellectual Property Protection Website(www.ipr.gov.cn).

*CIECC has built more than 230 e-government systems, which has accumulated a solid experience in public service.

* CIECC undertakes the construction of nine China's multilateral and bilateral economic and trade cooperation websites (SCO, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, South Korea)

*CIECC is also responsible for constructing new rural business network of the Ministry of Commerce which covered 620,000 villages in China to provide informationalised services for the development of peasants, rural areas and agriculture.

CIECC Professional Service System

As the chairman of APEC Electronic Business Alliance, the sole representative of Pan Asian E-Commerce Alliance in mainland China and Asia PKI Consortium Secretariat, CIECC has forming a virtual central database of a national coverage connecting our users with the whole world, building the world’s buyers & sellers online trading club that leads the trend and promoting all-round applications of e-commerce in China.

*Trade2cn (www.china.trade2cn.com), as a leading third-party e-commerce transaction platform in China, provides comprehensive services of accuracy and honesty for the entire trading process. CIECC has established whole-process e-commerce service system, helping corporate users with intelligent online tranctions to achieve worldwide electronization.

*www.ec.com.cn, which is founded in 1997, developed and operated by China International Electronic Commerce Center directly under the control of Ministry of Commerce, is a trade service platform and portal site of far-reaching influence in China.

*China's wireless e-commerce application platform (www.mobec.cn): an authoritative state-level wireless e-commerce platform in business domain, constructed and operated by CIECC.

*China’s business media platform: CIECC has constructed a business media service platform with International Business Daily, China Business Monthly as its mainstay and online media, traditional media and exhibitions mutually supported.

CIECC Security Service System

GFA CA Security Certification Center

As an authoritative CA institute with the e-certification service license issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, GFA CA has awarded more than 1.4 million enterprise-level digital certificates widely used in above 60 national important projects including national ministries, local governments and other industries such as energy, communications and education. GFA CA Center has a unique three-place disaster recovery system in Chinese CA industry and developed SSL VPN password testing platform with the State Encryption Administration, filling the blank of state commercial password testing technology. Now GFA CA Center has become the largest digital certificate authority center in China.

China’s Business Credit Platform

Based on the vast amounts of business data resources, CIECC combines international credit management ideas and advanced IT technology to provide government of all levels, industry organizations and enterprises with services such as credit system construction, business credit reporting, credit management consulting and training, business account management, risk control solutions,etc.

CIECC Third-Party E-Commerce Platform

CIECC is committed to offering help for domestic and international enterprises by providing services of complete display, promotion and bridging in a bid to build the leading third-party e-business platform including business promotion services, transaction services, advisory services, financial services and credit services as a whole.