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International Cooperation of CIECC

APEC Electronic Business Alliance (APEC-ECBA)

As an initiator of APEC Electronic Business Alliance, CIECC serves as the chairperson of the alliance and shoulders the routine work as the secretatiat. APEC-ECBA is dedicated to promoting the environment construction of e-commerce development amongst member economies, with the purpose of developing a direct, smooth, efficient and convenient platform for governments & enterprises, trans-enterprises communication and cooperation, giving full play to the comprehensive influence of regional alliance and playing a positive role in the construction of favorable application atmosphere for e-commerce and in the stable and sustainable economic development of member economies. In August, 2010, after the approval of the APEC Ministerial Meeting, the APEC-ECBA Committee of experts was officially established.

Pan Asian E-Commerce Alliance (PAA)

Initiated and founded in July 2000, Pan-Asian E-Commerce Alliance(www.paa.net)is a regional e-commerce alliance in Asia, with a view to improving the work efficiency of global trade and logistics by providing secured and reliable IT infrastructure. CIECC, as an initiator of PAA, is the sole representative in Chinese mainland. CIECC actively participated in the foundation-relevant work, pushes forward the e-commerce and logistics services development in China or even the whole Asia by cross-licensing in cross-border trade and secure, reliable paperless trade and makes forward-looking exploration in international cross-border e-commerce.

Asia PKI Consortium (APKI-C)

In order to promote the application of PKI technologies in e-commerce of the countries and regions in Asia, improve the application of relevant standards in network security and trust system and create a secured and healthy atmosphere for the rapid development of e-commerce, Asia PKI Consortium, which combines industry, research and application as a whole, was established in Xi’an on Nov. 7, 2007, with its predecessor Asia PKI Forum founded in June, 2001. CIECC, which shoulders the work of the Secretariat of Asia PKI Consortium, is mainly responsible for international market development, trans-boundary problem-solution and PKI’s interoperability between different countries and regions.

UN Trade Point China Development Center

On June 14, 1996, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the former Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation formally approved the establishment of the UN Trade Point China Development Center, which is the sole organization authorized by the UN to provide e-trade opportunites and serve the global trade network in China.

Händlerbund (The largest e-commerce association in Europe)

As the largest online trade association in Europe, Händlerbund is an important voice in the e-commerce industry and also a valued partner. The association promotes exchange between traders and service providers to support and strengthen digital, stationary and cross-border trade, helping to provide for a viable and lucrative future in a sustainable manner as well as broadening the horizons for the future. Through European representation of interests and pooling several services, the Händlerbund actively shapes the branch – together with its members and partners.