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Holding the mission of Being a national team in China’s e-commerce field, CIECC has managed to lead the development tide and trend of Chinese e-commerce industry, and has created and witnessed many firsts in the history of e-commerce development of China.

In 1996,China International Electronic Commerce Center was officially established;

In 1996, the issuance of the first Textile Export License transmitted through network opened a new page for informationization, electronization and networking of business management in China;

In 1997, Wu Yi, the then Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC) announced at the national conference of foreign economic and trade that CIECC was officially put into operation;

In 1999, CIECC hosted the 1st China International e-Commerce Application Exposition, which was the first large-scaled and comprehensive reporting conference of e-commerce technologies and application achievements in China;

In 1999, CIECC successfully developed China’s first CA certification system with independent intellectual property rights, and became the first governmental IT service entity that received international and domestic certifications of IT service management system and information security management system;

In 2005, CIECC launched China’s first mobile e-Commerce application platform which was the first independently-developed wireless e-commerce public information platform, indicating that China had entered the era of the wireless e-Commerce application;

In 2007, CIECC undertook state-level research projects such as national science and technology projects and 863 projects,etc;

In 2008, Comrade Li Lanqing wrote the epigraph E-commerce has a promising future for CIECC;

In 2008, with application of the cloud computing concept of Data in the central but services in the local, CIECC created the pattern of regional e-commerce platform, sharing the network operating environment, high-value information resources, standardized whole-process services and high-level security system. As a one-stop working platform for governments and enterprises, the platform becomes a strong impetus to regional economic development.