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(China International Investment Promotion Platform)

China International Investment Promotion Platform (CIIPP) is a professional service platform dedicated to investment promotion established under the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce...

China International Investment Promotion Platform (CIIPP) is a professional service platform dedicated to investment promotion established under the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce, China; its establishment and operation is one of the important steps China has taken to deal with the international financial tsunami. CIIPP is established on the basis of powerful resource advantages such as brands, information, channels of the E-commerce Center under the Ministry of Commerce, its transmission, marketing and service networks have covered investment promotion organizations around the globe, therefore its influence has penetrated into the world’s main capital markets. Through innovation in construction model and operational mode, CIIPP is committed to establishing the most authoritative and most influential professional platform for investment promotion which serves dual promotion featured by “Introducing-in and going-global” so as to bring about innovative development in fields such as models of attracting business, concept of marketing, service system and so on.

Core Resources

Far-reaching and in-depth domestic & overseas network
Based upon the authenticity and credibility of a state-level platform and branch organizations covering more than 100 cities in 32 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the Ministry of Commerce, CIIPP has built a far-reaching and in-depth domestic network to collect and revise investment promotion information through the establishment of over 3,000 governmental investment promotion organizations at different levels in China, and has made painstaking efforts to ensure that information provided by the said organizations is varied and authentic. At the same time, by taking advantage of the close business ties the Ministry of Commerce has established with 206 countries and a large number of international organizations and chambers of commerce, CIIPP has set up investment promotion platforms in major places of active capital flow throughout the globe. In such places, CIIPP has, through localized operation, provided accurate two-way initiative marketing for investors and investment inviters and achieved two-way sharing of domestic and overseas resources.

Core Database
CIIPP has a huge investment invitation database covering 183 countries throughout the world and 90 industries, thus creating a database system with project database and investor database as the core. Besides, CIIPP keeps collecting and updating project and investor information through its domestic and overseas networks.

Professional Solutions
As the professional state-level investment promotion platform, CIIPP cooperates with the world famous professional investment organizations, summarizes the working experience of Chinese investment promotion, innovates the investment promotion service concept, formulated the state-level professional authoritative operation criterion and data standard in accordance with the international investment promotion practice. As the platform carrier of “regional investment promotion portal” constructed by the state, CIIPP has recommended itself to investment promotion departments of all levels under the guidance of government. With “one database, two networks” and the integration of investment environment and project information resources, CIIPP has put forward the solutions such as “Regional Platform”, “List of Investment Candidates” and “Investment Match-making”, so as to provide strong support to the bilateral promotion for China’s investment promotion of “introducing-in and going-global”.