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China Mobile Commerce Website

A sophisticated driver which can provide services in gathering information, business opportunity, promotion and communication


愠hina Mobile Commerce Website?is an application platform which can provide the service of searching the supply and demand information, publishing the supply and demand information, as to enable enterprise obtaining the supply and demand information about Guangzhou trade fair and domestic and international market to occupy the market. There is a wireless fair display platform of enterprise in the 慡hangxintong?s WAP website which develops an enterprise owned display platform for all users. With your own mobile website, you will gain the prior nomination in the wireless trade fair. Moreover,曳ireless fair?also offers a set of services, such as: expert consultation, Q&A, and exchange of experiences, etc, so that there is no concern of area should be worried about.

SMS address

EC SMS address is a key enterprise information service project supported by the Ministry of Commerce. It uses the way of SMS to facilitate mobile terminal equipment access to the wireless network; sometime, it seems as 慴rand?and 慴usiness card?of enterprise on the wireless network, as it enables the mobile user to do information interaction with enterprises conveniently and quickly via SMS. The effectiveness of product can be seen in the following ways: SMS has the advantages of sending and receiving the information every time, and everywhere, and it builds up full-rage and interactive digital wireless commerce application system and information management system for user and provides the brilliant service over 24 hours continuously.


Jointly launched by China International Electronic Commerce Center and China Mobile, Shangxintong is a wireless commerce application platform which provides authorized policy, industry information, the supply and demand opportunity of business, promotion of enterprise, business cases and other information services to enterprise.

Mobile Business

Jointly launched by China International Electronic Commerce Center and China Mobile, Mobile Business provide business people with mobile information service including authoritative industries information and business opportunities.

Enterprise Journal

EC Mobile Enterprise Journal is a MMS service platform, which is launched by China International Electronic Commerce Center and communication operator. With the Enterprise Journal, enterprises may precisely send information about their products and services, company news, promotion information and the like to the employees, members and describers.