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Overview of Logistics Strategy and Management

2008-07-22 15:04:25Source:en.wikipedia.orgAuthor:

The word logistics had long been exclusively used by militaries and had not been understood by people in economic activities at large.

It was actually in the relatively recent past that logistics has been recognized as a major economic function in its own right.

Contrary to the situation 40 to 50 years ago when very few people in business cycles knew what logistics was, nowadays it has become a common or even a fashionable term that everybody likes to talk about.

Numerous articles and books have been published on logistics on frequent bases. Here ironically we may sometimes find that almost everything is being put under the chapeau of logistics. It was claimed in the 1980’s that in the middle of 1990’s a global logistics would appear and a total logistics integration would be completed, which clearly has not come true.


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