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China welcomes US to join AIIB:Official

2015-03-26 13:10:00Source:CRIAuthor:

A senior Chinese official is calling on the US government to join the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Zhang Jun is in-charge of China's international economic portfolio.

His comments have come on the heels of suggestions by US authorities that the proposed investment fund is going to weaken the status of current global institutions, including the World Bank and the IMF.

"I believe both China and the AIIB welcome the United States in joining the AIIB. But if the United States still needs time to wait and see, I think it's OK. The AIIB will be able to move forward according to its schedule and plan".

The comments come on the heels of Australia and South Korea lining up to join the AIIB.

A number of US allies, including Germany, France, the UK and Italy, have already announced plans to begin putting money toward the AIIB.

The deadline set by Chinese authorities to become a founding member of the AIIB is set for the end of this month.