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Opinions of the People's Government of Henan Province, on Implementing theStrategy of Standardization

2007-10-10 00:00:00Source:http://www.mofcom.gov.cn/Author:

All the related departments and organizations:Matters concerning implementing the strategy of standardization are notified as follows:1.Comprehensively recognize the significance of implementing the strategy of standardization.2.Guidance ideology, basic principles and goals of implementing the strategy of standardization.3.Main tasks of implementing the strategy of standardization.4.Main measures of implementing the strategy of standardization.People's Government of Henan ProvinceApril 9, 2007(All information published in this website is authentic in <a href=" http://www.mofcom.gov.cn/aarticle/b/g/200709/20070905095456.html" target="_blank"><font color="#0033CC">Chinese</font></a>. English is provided for reference only. )

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