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China promotes thrift among students

2013-09-27 15:19:45Source:XinhuaAuthor:

Chinese educational authorities on Thursday began promoting thrift among primary and middle school students to cultivate morality and echo the top leadership's austerity drive.

A national conference was held Thursday to promote education about saving food, water and electricity among students.

At the conference, students at Beijing Baizhifang Primary School shared their experiences with saving money and resources and called on their peers to actively participate in the thrift campaign. A garbage-sorting robot created by students was also on display.

Teacher Wang Lin said students have learned the significance of saving resources through field study, investigation, scientific research and creating posters to promote environmental protection.

A tradition of frugality should be carried forward on campuses through various activities, said a Ministry of Education official.

About 250,000 books on thrift have been donated to 500 primary and middle schools nationwide, according to the ministry.