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China declares war on smog

2014-03-11 11:13:27Source:People's Daily OnlineAuthor:

When attending the deliberation of the Shanghai and Guangdong deputies, Chinese President Xi Jinping asked about the control of air pollution. Premier Li Keqiang also declared in the government work report: "We are determined to fight against pollution as we have fought against poverty." Environmental pollution is also one of the focal points of the deputies discussions.

Objectively, as an emerging economy China is not unique in encountering environment problems during the course of industrialization. However, environmental pollution is no longer the remit of a single field or an individual department. It needs a comprehensive solution with cooperation from all sides.

China's government leaders have now declared war on environmental problems. The environment does not become polluted in the course of a single day, so it cannot be improved with short term measures. The government should conduct effective guidance and strict supervision as well. Companies should take on their social responsibility to reduce emissions. The public should also live a low-carbon life. Combined efforts from all sides will surely contribute to the control of environment pollution.

"Environment" is a key term for the new leaders. It includes not only the physical environment, but the intangible environments of network, society and politics. Therefore publicity campaigns, changes in general approach, and an eight-point code are all being implemented with diligence. Campaigns against violations and fraud in both the real and the virtual world have been launched.

There is no easy path to improving China's environment. But changes are being made, and will continue to be made. We hope to see a clear and bright future for China.