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Trade2CN.com-Sri Lanka Platform achieves overseas landing

2011-04-21 16:46:40Source:CIECCAuthor: Gu Yu

China B-to-B Holdings Ltd., a subsidiary of CIECC, signed a cooperation agreement with Sri Lanka-China Business Centre in October 2010, jointly establishing the China-Sri Lanka e-commerce platform. Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka platform office located locally will be officially put into operation on May 1.

 With the powerful support of the International Department of China International Electronic Commerce Center(CIECC), China B-to-B Holdings Ltd. and Sri Lanka-China Business Centre reached a consensus on promoting the Sino-Sri Lankan bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and signed a cooperation agreement in October 2010, jointly establishing the China-Sri Lanka e-commerce platform. ( Trade2CN.com-Sri Lanka Platform) 

Snapshot of Trade2CN.com-Sri Lanka Platform

Since the platform successfully launched online, we've obtained a total of more than 1300 Sri Lankan companies' information, and received more than 200 buyers' inquiries, with the successful referrals of nearly 300 high-quality supplier members by Trade2CN.com.

With a view to enhancing the market popularity and influence of Trade2CN.com in Sri Lanka and expanding Sri Lanka's corporate members more efficiently, Sri Lanka-China Business Centre specially founded the Sri Lanka platform office of Trade2CN.com, and set up a 5-person marketing team, planning to officially start operation on May 1, 2011.

      Sri Lanka platform office of Trade2CN.com in preparation

Closely cooperating with the International Department of CIECC, Trade2CN.com will continue as always to actively explore overseas markets, achieve more overseas-landing projects for promotion and cooperation, promote the high-quality Chinese brands around the world, and provide more efficient e-commerce service for domestic and foreign corporate members.

Background Information:

Sri Lanka China Business Center (hereinafter referred to as Sri Lanka Centre) is headquartered in Gampaha City, 20 kilometers north of the capital Colombo. The main function of this agency is to provide bilateral economic and trade cooperation and project consulting services for enterprises in Sri Lanka and China, with five functional departments: marketing department, management department, purchasing department, project department and information department. With the support and help of officials at all levels and entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka and China, the center has made remarkable achievements in trade promotion services and its project consulting services is now covering quite a few fields such as aviation, logistics, medical treatment, scientific research, and tourism.