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Service Outsourcing Industry Platform and International E-Commerce Application Platform inked to settle in Chongqing

2009-09-27 14:39:20Source:CIECCAuthor:

Signing the Aggrement on "Chongqing International E-Commerce Application Platform"

After intensive negotiations and preparation, Chongqing Municipal Government, China International Electronic Commerce Center (or CIECC for short) and the Administrative Committee of Northern Chongqing New Zone held the signing ceremony of 'Strategic Cooperation Agreement on the Joint Construction of EC international IT services outsourcing industry platform' on September 24. 2009 in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality. And 'Agreement on the Joint Construction of Chongqing International E-Commerce Application Platform' was contracted at the same time.

Chong Quan, Minister Assistant addresses the signing ceremony

Zhou Mubing, Vice Mayor of Chongqing, delivering a speech at the ceremony

Liu Junsheng, General Director of CIECC

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